Month: July 2015

AUGUST Seminar Schedules

A NEW BATCH OF TRAININGS AWAITS YOU THIS AUGUST! Are you prepping for the appraisers upcoming exam on August 30? Or looking for additional trainings to better your real estate practice? Check out our schedule this August. View the following links for more details GENERAL REVIEW FOR APPRAISERS EXAM INVESTMENT DIVERSIFICATION: REAL ESTATE VS. STOCK …

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CPD: Powerful Real Estate Presentations

In thousands of house listings offered almost everywhere, HOW CAN YOU MAKE YOUR OWN INVENTORIES STAND OUT FROM THE REST? The advancement of technology allows us to limitlessly be creative in exhibiting anything we offer. With the right mix of materials to use in marketing, pull off an advertising scheme that will effectively catch your target …

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General Review for Appraisers Licensure Exam this August

The real estate appraiser exam is nearing! Are you fully-prepared to take a whole day test of valuation concepts and problems? Take a look once again at the art of appraising. Join us in this final review in preparation for the upcoming licensure exam on August 30, 2015  SEE YOU!

CPD: Flipping vs Building Small Scale Real Estate Properties

BUY & SELL – It’s no news how this niche of the real estate business made millions for those who know to spot huge opportunities on pocket-sized properties. Whether you choose to refurbish or build from scratch, with a well-managed Buy & Sell system, you’d be rolling a fortune in no time. Do not miss …

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