Month: September 2015

October Salesperson CPD

As part of our mission in helping professionalize real estate practice, here’s another Continuing Professional Development from our special series of training created for our dear salespersons. Join our OCTOBER schedule for real estate salespersons. Reserve your 16th-17th this coming month (Fri-Sat) for more career and  knowledge empowerment of the trade. Contact details above to …

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CPD: Estate Planning & Division of Inheritance with UPDATES! October 2015

WHO IS ENTITLED TO YOUR PRESERVED WEALTH? It is NEVER TOO EARLY to plan and conserve your hard-earned estate to your clan. Have the peace of mind and heart, that when the time comes you have to leave your children and the next to them, you are able to provide an orderly distributed wealth.  Come …

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CPD: Property Management and Leasing

What is property management? Is it simply about maintaing and repairing broken parts of a building or a house? Learn what makes up a good control over a property. Know the do’s and dont’s in preserving value and income you can possibly generate from this one arm of real estate business. Call us to reserve …

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September Salesperson CPD

For those looking for a 12-hr continuing training for salesperson, here’s our schedule for this month of September!  Let us all help in professionalizing the real estate business. Practice your career with the right registration. You have a week to reserve! CALL US now!

Feb 2016 Brokers Exam General Review

As a PRC-Accredited seminar provider, we are very COMPLIANT and ACCOUNTABLE to PRC and NOT announcing the final dates since PRC has not yet released, as of today, FINAL GUIDELINES/MEMORANDUM on the approval of the 120-hrs for non-BS REM graduates, first-timers. STAY TUNED FOR OUR FINAL SCHEDULE!