Month: April 2016

CPD: Digital Marketing

Have you been thinking you are not getting enough leads? Or if you do have, are you targeting the right leads? Advertising products or services is now made very easy. With numerous free applications and personalized sites, one can easily market and sell. The only great challenge left is if are you able to target the right …

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CPD Property Management

As long as it’s working.. As long as we can still use it..  These are the familiar phrases we always hear when keeping up with the wear and tear of our real estate properties. Repairs are usually postponed because of lack of funds available to begin with. But did you know that it becomes more …

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12-hr Continuing Professional Development seminar for Salespersons

Calling out to all real estate sales! Here’s another continuing training for your PRC accreditation. Take your real estate career step higher Acquire a 12hr professional training and be listed in PRC’s roster of accredited salesperson. BE A PRC ACCREDITED  REAL  ESTATE  SALESPERSON Date: May 6 (Friday / 10–3pm) and 7 (Saturday / 8-5pm) Venue: …

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